• Light Kit for Classen SA30 Stand-Aer Aerator
  • Aeration core pattern SA30

Aerator – PRO Stand-Aer®

  • • A stand-on aerator that is three times more productive than a walk-behind aerator
  • • True zero-turn maneuverability at up to 7.4 mph
  • • Best Quality of Core®
  • • Flip-up Platform
  • • Automatic Chain Tensioner
  • 2-Year Warranty


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Step up to the Classen PRO Stand-Aer® Aerator. Three times faster than a walk-behind aerator and the best Quality of Core® in the aeration industry. The Stand-Aer pulls 10% more cores than the nearest competitive stand-on aerator. Cover up to two-and-a-quarter acres per hour at grounds speeds of up to seven miles per hour.

  • • 15 HP Kawasaki® FS541V engine with 5 gallon fuel capacity
  • • Dual Hydro-Gear® ZT3200 transaxles
    • o Exclusive Hydra-Cool™ System keeps transaxles running cool all day
  • •Zero-turn agility, 7.4 mph forward/3.5 mph reverse
  • • Best Quality of Core
    • o Tighter hole pattern than leading stand-on
    • o Pulls 10% more cores per sq. ft.
  • • Unique automatic chain tensioning system eliminates manual adjustment of the drive chain
  • • Exclusive tine depth stop locks in core depth from 2” to 5”
  • • Fast tine engagement; simple thumb switch control
    • o Raise and lower tines 27% faster than leading stand-on
  • • Shock absorbent and gripped rider platform
  • •Large 18” Grass Master Tread Drive Tires
    • o Gentle on turf, tallest on curbs (6” curb clearance)
  • • Flip-up platform enables stand-on aerator to be used as a walk-behind aerator and decreases amount of space needed on trailers
  • • Ergonomic controls similar to stand-on mower
  • • Integrated rear jack stands lift the unit two inches for easy access tine maintenance and cleaning
  • • Optional Light Kit accessory illuminates work area when you run out of daylight
Engine 15HP Kawasaki® FS541V
Fuel Capacity (gal) 5
Fuel Filter Replaceable In-Line
Fuel Shut Off Valve 1/4 turn
Charging system Flywheel Alternator
Charging Capacity 15 amps
Battery Type Sealed AGM, BCI group U1 fits
Battery Voltage 12
Polarity Negative Ground
Fuse 20 amp main fuse
TransmissionHydrostatic 2, Hydro-Gear® ZT3200
Hydraulic Filter Single replaceable spin on
Ground SpeedFWD (mph) 0 - 7.4
REV (mph) 0 - 3.5
Drive Wheels Driven through roller chains
Tine Drive Aeration tines are driven through roller chains
Turning radius tines down 5 ft.
tines up 0
Tines (Qty)48
Core Depth (in) 2 - 5 inches
Holes per sq. ft. 5.1
Width (in) 47.25
Length (in) 60.5 platform up-69.5 platform down
Height (in) 48
Curb Weight (lb) 1,235
Productivity sq. ft. Up to 92,400 sq. ft./hr
Warranty Two year Commercial/Rental
Product NumberModelsDescription 
970500SA30Light Kit

Powerful dual LED lights illuminate the work area
Comes pre-assembled for fast easy installation
Quickly and easily mounts above the hydraulic cooler

Includes battery lead

970640SA30Spyker® Electric Spreader Attachment

Spyker® 120 lb. capacity spreader with Variable Speed Control ergonomically mounted within arm's reach. Spread swath of up to 16 feet.

Electric motor is mounted outside of the large hopper for ease of material loading.

Projects enhanced spread coverage while maintaining perfect equilibrium using the on-the-fly AccuWay™ adjustment cable. AccuWay™ adjusts material flow forward or backward, allowing operator to maintain a perfectly balanced spread pattern, no matter the chosen material.

Mounting kit is custom designed to fit on the Classen PRO Stand-Aer aerator for easy and accurate installation. No cutting, drilling or fabrication needed to secure the attachment.

Spreader Spec Sheet