At Classen we’re serious… about keeping our lawn care equipment simple. Simple to use, maintain and transport. Whether you rent or own you’ll love these innovative turf care machines. They’ll do better work faster and help you complete more turf care jobs in less time. They have fewer moving parts to repair or replace, so there’s less downtime and greater utilization. And, with features like hydrostatic drives, fold-down handles, flip-up platforms and built-in tie-down brackets, they’re easy to transport to and from the work area.


There’s a Classen turf aerator for every application. Our line of aerators include walk-behind, tow-behind and riding models, plus our new steerable compact. Our PRO PowerSteer™ aerator is designed to turn without lifting the tines out of the ground for non-stop aeration. Classen… serious lawn care made easy!

Classen Sod Cutters

Sod Cutters

Classen sod cutters deliver the precise cut you need. Whether your project is relocating or repositioning sod, expanding an existing flower bed, or establishing a new planting area, a Classen Sod cutter gets the job done fast! Enhance the quality of your lawn and reduce labor costs with a Classen Sod Cutter. Classen… serious lawn care made easy!

Turf Overseeders

Classen turf overseeders make it easy and convenient to seed a new lawn, or overseed an existing lawn. The front seed drop ensures follow-up soil coverage for better seed germination. The unique design of the blades, with a cutting edge on both ends, doubles the blade life. Handles fold easily, for portability and storage.

Classen turf overseeders convert in minutes to a rake with catcher bag or vertical cutter. Choose standard or PRO self-propelled models. Classen… serious lawn care made easy!

Turf Rakes

Classen Turf Rakes are versatile and portable dethatchers. Folding handles make these turf rakes excellent for rental use. Attachments for seeding and grass collection are available. Dethatching is important to maintain a healthy lawn. Classen… serious lawn care made easy!

Classen Trailer


Created specifically to transport Classen Sod Cutters and Walk-Behind Aerators. Our trailer is custom fit for specific models using an adjustable one-pin lock-down bar. Classen… serious lawn care made easy!