Classen’s Line of Professional Products

Productive. Profitable. Proven.
Every commercial landscape contractor knows that completing more projects leads to more revenue. Our PRO line offers value-added features to help contractors complete projects quickly and increase profits. The PRO line’s proven productivity-enhancing features include hydrostatic transmissions, anti-vibration grips and power steering.

Classen. Seriously Productive.

  • Aerator – PRO PowerSteer™

    Don’t muscle the turn. Power it. The Classen PowerSteer™ Aerator is the ONLY aerator that steers through the tines for non-stop (non-stress) unmatched productivity.

    • • Patented split-drive technology allows the engine to power the tines independently during aeration for fatigue-free steering and unmatched user comfort and productivity.
    • • Effortless end-of-row turning, aerate in tight circular areas and easily maneuver around trees, hydrants and other above ground obstacles.
    • • Combination throttle and belt tightener for a smooth start every time
    • • Protective chain guards help keep grass, leaves and cores out of chains and sprockets
    • • Heavy duty non-relube ball bearings for added durability

  • Aerator – PRO Stand-Aer®

    Step up to the Classen PRO Stand-Aer® Aerator. Three times faster than a walk-behind aerator and the best Quality of Core® in the aeration industry. The Stand-Aer pulls 10% more cores than the nearest competitive stand-on aerator. Cover up to two-and-a-quarter acres per hour at grounds speeds of up to seven miles per hour.

  • Sod Cutters – PRO Hydro‑Drive

    Get the most out of sod cutting with the Classen PRO Sod Cutter. The most compact, maneuverable, versatile sod cutter EVER! With a hydrostatic drive for smooth powered forward and reverse, you’ll get the most done in the least amount of time with significantly less vibration.

  • Turf Overseeder – PRO Hydro‑Drive

    The Classen PRO Hydro-Drive Overseeder, self-propelled with hydrostatic drive, makes seeding easier.

    More seed rows, placed closer together, produces thicker turf quicker! Unique floating seed box and our industry best 13 double-bladed shafts, 26 blades in all, spaced a narrow 1.5 inches apart, provide carpet-like coverage even on the bumpiest of terrain.

  • Turf Rake PRO Hydro Drive facing left

    Turf Rakes – PRO Hydro‑Drive

    Dethatch on hills and grades much easier with the fatigue-free operation of the Classen PRO Self-Propelled Turf Rake. Easily converts to a turf seeder, or vertical cutter. Folding handle makes it easy to transport. Excellent for rental or commercial use.