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Sod Cutters – Gear‑Drive

  • • NEW modified cam design for over 42% less vibration
  • • Always makes the cut. The most blade sizes in the industry.
  • • 18” blade standard. Optional 12″, 16”, 20″ or 24″ blade assemblies available
  • • Centered blade cuts clean and smooth up to 2.5” deep
  • • Integrated finger throttle/clutch control on handle for adjustable speed control
  • • Improved user-friendly controls
  • 2-Year Warranty


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Sod cutting is tough work. Done manually it is literally hours of back-breaking labor. The Classen Gear-Drive Sod Cutter makes sod cutting easier than ever thanks to vibration-reducing design and intuitive controls; leaving level ground to build a new path, walkway, patio, or to establish new flower beds.

  • • Choice of Honda® GX160 and Honda® GX240 engine
  • • NEW modified cam design for over 42% less vibration
  • • Improved user-friendly controls for ease-of-operation
  • • Clutch/Brake lever for ease in unloading machine backwards from truck or trailer
  • • Cutting blade makes 20 cutting strokes per second / 1200 per minute
  • • Adjusts to cut sod up to 2.5” deep
  • • Four front knobby tread drive wheels ensure better traction and eliminate dirt build up
  • • 1-3/8” cutting stroke is up to 50% longer than competitive models
  • • Throttle goes idle and stops machine movement when released
  • • 18” blade standard. Optional 12”, 16”, 20” and 24” blade assemblies
  •     (24” blade for use with Honda® GX240 engine model only)
  • • Optional rear swivel wheel for enhanced maneuverability


NEW with up to 42% Less Vibration
Product No.


Engine4-cycle, Honda® GX160 
4-cycle, Honda® GX240 
9.9 cu . in. (163 cc)14.8 cu. in. (242 cc)
Engine - Starter
Engine - Governor
3400 RPM + 200 RPM, no load
Engine - Clutch
spring loaded belt tightener type
Reduction - Engine to Blade
3.03 to 1
Reduction - Engine to Drive Wheels
57.2 to 1
Wheels - Drive
8-5/8" (219mm) Dia. with knobby tread vulcanized to hub
Wheels - Rear
8 x 1.75 (203 x 45mm) semi-pneumatic tire
Cutting Width
Optional Blade Kit Widths
12", 16", 20", 24"
Cutting Depth
12”, 24” blades: 1.5"
16”, 20” blades: 2”
Blade Speed
1200 strokes/minute @ 3400 engine RPM
Dimensions - Wheel Base
54"L x 34"H x 24"W
58"L x 34"H x 24"W
304 lbs
344 lbs.
Sod CutterSwivel Wheel Kit
C900046SC, SCHVSwivel Wheel Kit: Rear wheel; swivels or can lock in place.
Standard on PRO models

Sod CutterBlade Conversion Kits
Blade Conversion Kits – Kits listed fit all models of Classen Sod Cutter unless otherwise noted
Easily change the existing blade on your Classen Sod Cutter to any of these blade sizes in minutes with our optional blade assembly kits.
C900014 C900037 C900029 C900007 C900019*
*C900019, 24″ blade conversion kit, is recommended for Honda® GX240 engine models only. These products can be ordered from your local dealer. Or you can contact us with any questions or for additional information.
C400069SC-18, SCHV-18Trailer Bracket with Fasteners SC-18


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