Tackle Tough Turf
01 Feb

Tackle Tough Turf

Tackle Tough Turf

Classen Introduces New Reciprocating Aerator

Classen, an industry-leading brand of commercial and residential turf care equipment, introduces a new reciprocating model of aerator to their already impressive and innovative line of turf aeration equipment. The new RA-21 Reciprocating Aerator by Classen is designed to the core attributes of the brand – Easy to Use and Designed to Last – that have made Classen brand equipment the choice of rental dealerships, landscapers and do-it-yourselfers for over 30 years.

New Classen Reciprocating Aerator - Pic 1Classen addresses many of the pain points associated with reciprocating aerators including limited aeration swath, difficulty of use and maintenance, and the high price tag often associated with reciprocating tine machines. The new Classen reciprocating aerator offers a wide 21-inch aeration swath for exceptional coverage in a single pass made possible through an 8 tine bank that penetrates even the toughest soil conditions at a depth up to 2.75-inches. The core tines reciprocate at 450 revolutions per minute and cover up to 26,000 sq. ft. per hour – a fraction of the time it would take with a drum style unit. Classen achieves these results without a complicated and costly hydraulic system or added weight.New Classen Reciprocating Aerator - Pic 2

As with all Classen turf care products, simplicity is built in. An open design allows for
clear unobstructed access to the engine. The rust resistant tine shield is lightweight and easy to remove for access to the tines and drive belt. And, because the new Classen Reciprocating Aerator doesn’t utilize hydraulics to independently drive the tines, the operator controls are simple.

Core Classen Reciprocating Aerator Features:

Reciprocating Tines Eight tines provide a wide 21-inch aeration swath and a tine speed of 450 revolutions per minute, aerates up to 26,000 ft. per hour with more cores per square foot than typical drum style units.
Punches clean, deep holes up to 2.75” deep through the toughest soil conditions.
No additional weight needed.
Optimum Frame Design Easy operation – drives and turns like a 21″ walk behind mower. Drum-free design requires less physical force to operate, maneuver and turn.
Drive belt can easily be replaced without having to completely remove the crank shaft.
2-Piece Tine Shield Plastic shield absorbs the overall noise of the unit.
Allows for easy access to grease zerks without tools.
Lighter in weight than large metal covers.
Folding Handle Less room required in rental store/shop, trailer, garage or shed.
ON/OFF switch Located within easy access of operator.
Lift/Tie Down Brackets Easily lift on to back of truck/SUV. Allows operator to safely transport the unit.
Tires Pneumatic wheels allow for better flotation and easier maneuverability.
Tire Scrapes Keep tires clean from dirt and allows maximum penetration of tines.
Unit Size: Narrow 31.5” width easily clears a 32” gate without removal of the wheels.
Fold-down handle for storage in tight spots.
Tie/lift brackets for safe and secure transport.

The new Classen Reciprocating Aerator is in production now and will be available through Classen dealerships nationwide in time for spring. To learn more about the new Classen Reciprocating Aerator, request product information or to locate a Classen dealer in your area, visit classenturfcare.com or call Classen toll-free at 877-596-6337.

About Classen
For more than 30 years, professional landscapers and homeowners alike have trusted Classen turf care equipment to transform and maintain the health of their landscapes. Classen offers a complete line of aerators, dethatchers/turf rakes, seeders and sod cutters that are built to use and designed to last. Classen turf care equipment is available through power equipment and rental dealerships nationwide. To learn more about Classen equipment and to locate a retailer or rental dealer in your area, visit the Classen website at www.classenturfcare.com.

Classen is a registered trademark of Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.

About Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.
Schiller Grounds Care creates and brings to market a broad variety of landscaping, gardening and turf care equipment for residential and commercial use under the brand names of BOB-CAT, Classen, Little Wonder, Mantis, Ryan and Steiner. Schiller Grounds Care, Inc. is a U.S. based outdoor equipment manufacturer with three manufacturing facilities located in Southampton, Pennsylvania, Norfolk, Nebraska and Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. To learn more about Schiller Grounds Care and its various brands of power equipment, visit www.schillergc.com.


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